Wait – I can advertise on LinkedIn?
I thought this was a networking platform…

That’s right – advertising on LinkedIn is more common than you may think.

Below is a list explaining the different ad placements available and the aspect ratios you – a now prestigious LinkedIn marketer – will need to start maximizing your social media budget.


Sponsored Content

You’ve just turned 25 and for the 3rd year in a row you’ve told yourself “this is the year I become an adult”. So, you make the grownup move and check out all of your college buddies’ profiles to piece together your own LinkedIn account. Like any other social media platform, you begin to scroll endlessly through content in your Newsfeed – you’ve just seen a Sponsored Content ad!

This placement is a great way to raise awareness, drive quality leads, and build customer relationships.

Click here to learn what ratios are needed to run your creative assets in LinkedIn’s Newsfeed!

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Infeed

Dynamic Ads

You’ve finally had it with Jannette from Accounting when she asks for you to get her dry cleaning for the 5th time. Tired of explaining that you aren’t her assistant, you visit your LinkedIn account to hunt for a new job. You take your laptop into the closest bathroom stall with determination, sign in to LinkedIn and start your search. On the right of your Feed, you notice ads populating from your favorite store. A sale ad catches your eye and you find yourself deep in shopping mode forgetting about your pain and suffering.

This is a great way to drive conversions to your specified landing page. Placements are purchased on a CPM basis with a $25,000 (USD) minimum budget.

Click here to learn what ratios are needed to run your creative assets in LinkedIn’s Dynamic Ads!

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

Text Ads

Everyone at work is referencing the morning stats LinkedIn publishes trying to outshine their co-workers…FOMO kicks in, you grab your laptop and log into your LinkedIn account to catch up. Struggling to find the info you refresh your page and your eye immediately goes to a Text Ad right above your status bar.

These Text Ads are a great way to get right in front of your audience with a short and sweet CTA.

Click here to learn what ratios are needed to run your creative assets in LinkedIn’s Text Ads!

LinkedIn Text Ads

Sponsored InMail

Picture it – you finally made it to brunch with Karen after using up your last excuse to lay in bed last Sunday. You’re staring deep into the bottom of your 5th mimosa and suddenly you get a message notification from LinkedIn. Eugene has just sent you a Sponsored InMail message trying to get you back into school. How did he know you were thinking about a career change?  You’ve just seen a Sponsored InMail.

This placement is used to reach your audience with a personalized message.

Click here to learn what ratios are needed to run your creative assets in LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail!

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

According to LinkedIn, 260 MM LinkedIn users are logging in each month.

Of those logging in, over 60 MM LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 MM are in a decision-making position. Amongst those making the big decisions, 11 MM are Millennials. That’s right, 11 MM of the 87 MM Millennials on LinkedIn are searching for the next best thing to help improve their business goals.

As a prestigious LinkedIn marketer, you already knew your audience was on LinkedIn, now you know which placements to showcase your product and service.

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