Advertisers are still struggling to reduce marketing budget waste. Recently, we performed 50 “deep dive” audits and found that most of these advertisers effectively wasted 20-50% of their 2017 social media budget. Why?

The reasons were wide and varied, but one reason, in particular, rang loud and clear: even the savviest of advertisers couldn’t do what they actually wanted, because of time and resource constraints. These were businesses with big dreams — achieving highly targeted, contextually relevant, creative-driven people-based marketing — but had no idea how they could execute with a limited workforce and financial limitations. So they compromised, and it cost them.

But what if resources weren’t a factor? What if you had a tool that could work 24/7, with the throughput of 1,000 humans (or more)? If you had that…what would your strategy look like now?


The concept of automation is old news. The problem is that automation in the ad tech industry is still dichotomous at best: you can manually program simple “if” statements to perform basic actions, or you can let the “black box” do its thing. But real-world advertising needs aren’t so black and white. Buzzword or not, automation is crucial to test new ideas and to scale nonlinearly, but you need the right tool that works specifically for you.

Addison, AdParlor’s automation assistant, was designed to bridge that gap. Addison is completely configurable, allowing complex optimization models to be programmed and automated — serving as your partner, not your replacement. Addison reacts dynamically to hundreds of different triggers and perform thousands of actions to respond instantly. It can act as an all-seeing pair of eyes, to alert you when something needs human attention. You decide. Addison acts.

Over the last few months, our teams have been using Addison to test new ideas and strategies to help our clients get ahead. Let’s look at some of the highlights:

    • Canada’s Largest Sports Retailer — Creative Triggering (Weather)
      They tested a trigger-based automated creative strategy to maximize contextual relevance for prospective shoppers. Driven by real-time weather signals, 1,364 targeting-creative pair switches were performed over a 7-week period. The result? Up to 56.3% lower CPAs when compared to generic creative.

AdParlor Creative Blueprint

The Creative Blueprints: People-Based Marketing at Scale

Want to take it one step further? To truly embrace people-based marketing, you need highly specific, contextually relevant creative that’s tailored to its intended audience. Getting all the creative variations you need together is only one half of the puzzle — deploying and managing these thousands of variations is a beast of its own.

Addison can help with the heavy lifting to ensure the right ads are being shown to the right people at the right time (for the right price). In addition, it can ensure the best ads are quickly identified and strategy is automatically adjusted to optimize your ad spend. This helps you stay focused on the real challenge at hand — figuring out how to best advance your business goals.

Looking Forward

At AdParlor, we’re passionate about growing and learning together with our clients and partners. We’re proud to introduce Addison to the world.