Digital advertising isn’t easy. Today’s landscape requires media buyers to have knowledge of myriad digital channels, figure out who the players are, and navigate a slew of networks, exchanges, and marketplaces. It can make your head spin.

To help marketers combat this, there are a variety of companies that offer digital marketing courses and certifications. The problem is that most of these are very high level and theoretical, and don’t teach advertisers the tactical skills required to really excel in their roles. 

Enter Digital AdLab

Toronto-based Digital AdLab has launched the Digital Advertising Operations Program (DAOP), a series of practical courses built specifically to help media buyers cut through the noise. The approach is different because it’s enabled by technology platforms. So instead of learning the theory of how different channels work, students are actually working within platforms—launching, managing, optimizing, and reporting on campaigns. After successfully deploying a full DoubleClick product suite integration, marketers are demanding more channels and publishers, and specifically social channels.

Enter AdParlor

AdParlor’s team of experts designs and executes social advertising campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for Fortune 500 brands and major performance marketers. Our technology enables advertisers to manage or monitor campaigns across social media channels from a single interface.

This is why we’re delighted to announce that AdParlor is officially partnering with Digital AdLab to expand its advertising operations program to include social. With this partnership, marketers in the AdLab program will be able to add social to their toolkit, learning from a team of experts who live and breathe social advertising every day. Those marketers will actually be going in and launching, optimizing, and reporting on social campaigns within the AdParlor platform. 

We’re so excited about this partnership because of the practical element it provides for marketers. A technology-enabled approach is so important to really get a feel for media buying, as opposed to just reading from slides. Digital AdLab’s DoubleClick partnership gives marketers the experience managing campaigns across the breadth of programmatic display, and AdParlor’s provides the same expertise for social.

The social module will be integrated into the Digital AdLab curriculum, and will include an overview of the social media landscape, media planning on social, campaign launches, full funnel optimization, and building reports that drive business insights. Marketers will come out of this program equipped to understand, manage, and drive business success across a variety of publishers and objectives.

To learn more about the program and what we’ll be offering, click here.