Real-Time Event Marketing on Twitter

AdParlor Blog Post: Real-Time Event Marketing on Twitter

The awards season has wrapped for another year, and Twitter is still the undisputed king of the red carpet. No other platform comes close to the real-time event marketing and excitement Twitter offers, bringing together people from all walks of life, unified by the excitement around these events as they unfold.

Whether they’re online to discuss Leo’s rogue hair—or, you know, important social issues—Twitter has been and continues to be a favorite sounding board for fans and celebs alike.

Why Does this Matter for Advertisers?

In a word—or three—this is all about reach, reach, reach.

The coming-together of seemingly unrelated groups on Twitter provides a great opportunity for advertisers to reach highly engaged and relevant audiences they may never have thought to target. The broader reach means more eyeballs, belonging to users who may have nothing (or everything) in common other than their vested interest and engagement with the content evolving around these events.

Real-time urgency provides an opportunity for brands to show relevancy and drive awareness of their values during the most compelling moments.

Pro tips for advertisers:

  • Target events or content surrounding events that align with your brand’s values and messaging
  • Use additional targeting to ensure relevancy
  • Tailor your creative to the event—clever, witty wordplay is always a hit
  • Be mindful of sensitive topics and make use of positive-sentiment targeting on Twitter

AdParlor recently teamed up with a restaurant chain to leverage the buzz around the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with smashing success. Here’s how we did it.

Case Study

Star Wars the Force Awakens

The Goal

The client wanted to increase awareness of its brand and encourage engagement with customers.

The Strategy

AdParlor teamed-up with the restaurant chain and its agency to execute a brand awareness campaign to leverage Twitter buzz surrounding the launch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

  • The client tailored its creative to play on content surrounding the premiere, using clever puns and wordplay to promote its brand and products.
  • AdParlor leveraged Twitter’s engagement advantage by reaching an audience interested in a specific live event using the platform’s Event Targeting feature (events sports, holidays, festivals, TV, music and politics). We layered additional demographic targeting on top to ensure relevancy for the end users.


Honing in on the buzz around the movie, the restaurant chain joined the conversation surrounding the premiere on Twitter. It reached a broader, but more relevant, user base than through traditional targeting at a time when users were highly engaged on Twitter. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Increased engagement rate by 116%, from 5.24% to 11.3%
  • Decreased CPE by 41%, from $0.29 to $0.17

The bottom line: expanded reach, better-than-ever engagement rates, at an all-time low cost-per-engagement.

In case you missed it at last year’s Oscars, Lady Gaga’s Sound of Music tribute saw a staggering 214,000 tweets per minute during her performance! But that’s not all—people aren’t just taking to Twitter as events are happening; the hottest Tweets are revisited again, and again. And remember Ellen DeGeneres’s famous selfie from two years ago? That got re-tweeted two million times and has garnered over 32 million (and counting) impressions to date.

Who knows what any given year’s hottest topic will be? Whatever it is, make sure your brand is prepared.

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