The month of February sure flew by, but not without leaving behind a trail of new updates and features from our favourite social media platforms. From privacy controls to new search trends, here are the latest social media updates you need to know in the world of digital advertising this month.


More control over data privacy

Facebook's Privacy Checkup tool - social media update
Facebook’s Privacy Checkup tool

In an effort to address privacy concerns, Facebook users can now control the information that Facebook can access outside of the platform using the Clear History tool, now available to users worldwide.

If users, especially your target audience, clears their history, their cookie-based targeting will be affected, which impacts retargeting for advertisers. As a result, we recommend monitoring your campaigns closely and setting up ad funnels that targets on-Facebook activity.

Messenger’s One-Time Notification

Businesses now have up to 24 hours to respond to a message initiated by the user through Messenger. However, if users opt-in to a “one-time” notification, the business can respond with follow-up updates at a later time in regards to any request from price drop alerts to back-in-stock alerts.

For example, if a person is interested in a shirt but it’s out of stock, the business can send a notification request in return and when the users accepts it, they will be notified when the shirt is back in stock. This way, businesses can maintain contact with interested customers while driving a great customer experience.

Facebook’s One-Time Notification on Messenger - social media update
Facebook’s One-Time notification on Messenger


Instagram’s New Following Categories

Curious to see who makes the most appearances on your feed or who you least interact with? Now you can view both by clicking the “following” tab on Instagram.

Instagram's new "following" categories - social media update
Instagram’s new “following” categories

By taking a peek into Instagram’s algorithm, this update can be used strategically in many ways. This can help businesses detect the followers who least resonate with their messaging, indicating a need to possibly shift a content strategy. Similarly, this can also help businesses identify audiences they weren’t targeting or solidify the target audiences they already have. Lastly, this update gives businesses an insight into the content that performs well and share more of it.

Monetizing IGTV

IGTV is “still in it’s early days” according to Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, but it’s “growing” and as a result, the platform is exploring ways to help creators monetize their content by running ads on IGTV.

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, confirms new Instagram feature - social media update
Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, confirms new Instagram feature

Creators can monetize with IGTV by applying to be part of the “Instagram Partner Program,” allowing them to earn revenue, similar to publishers in the Audience Network or Google’s Display Network. This may encourage creators to share high-quality content, specifically made for IGTV, which could potentially result in driving new users to the platform.


LinkedIn is testing Stories

Just when you thought you had enough Stories (Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook), LinkedIn launches their own version of Stories as well. Soon to be rolled out to all users, the professional platform is currently testing the Stories feature internally, with no insight to its release date yet.

LinkedIn's first iteration of stories, back in 2018 - social media update
LinkedIn’s first iteration of stories, back in 2018

What do stories in the professional context look like? According to LinkedIn’s Head of Content Products, Pete Davies, it’s a mix of everything.

“Need help with how to manage work life balance? Someone in your community can help share their experience. Have an urgent hiring need — or looking for your next role? Ask your network to make intros. Want to get feedback on your idea? Try messaging or create a post to get opinions from your network.”

And as Davies noted, an “entire generation” grew up with Stories so it may be worth testing a feature that brings conversations to life in the way that Instagram Stories do.


Swipe Up to Call in the US

With Snapchat’s new “Swipe up to Call” feature, sourcing new clients has never been easier. The feature, first introduced in the Middle East, is now available in the US with the option to directly text a business by swiping up on an ad. Prompting more immediate action through calls and texts reveals higher levels of consideration and intent to purchase, which can directly contribute to increased leads, conversions and sales.

Snapchat’s ‘Swipe Up to Call’  feature - social media update
Snapchat’s ‘Swipe Up to Call’  feature

Snapchat’s new ad format can help businesses in multiple ways. As explained by Snap:

“This new ad product will allow automotive businesses to scale test drives and feed their leads funnel. Real estate companies will have another strong tool to increase the reach and prospect volume by getting consumers to immediately call their sales representative to book an apartment showing. Restaurants will be able to use Swipe Up to Call to drive reservations and food orders. A telecom company will be able to connect with consumers and help them pick the right plan.”

To get started and learn more about how you can leverage Snapchat’s newest feature, click here.

Increased Mental Health Support

In an effort to create a safer online experience for users, Snapchat announced a new set of tools on Safer Internet Day – Here For You. Using the new in-app feature, users will be able to access safety resources from mental health experts when they search for certain topics like anxiety, depression, grief, bullying and more.

Here For You, which will roll out in the next few months, is similar to Pinterest’s Self-Help tools that guide users through an exercise (as opposed to pointing users to related content). Given Snapchat’s younger audience, this initiative plays a significant role in addressing the needs of a more impressionable userbase.

Snapchat's 'Here for You' Tool - social media update
Snapchat’s ‘Here for You’ Tool


Pinterest Publishes Data on Trending Searches by Women

Screenshot from LinkedIn's new report - social media update
Screenshot from LinkedIn’s new report

From searching about recipes, holidays and styling to seeking information on travelling solo and negotiating salaries, women are expanding the way they use Pinterest.

In honour of International Women’s Day, Pinterest shared a new report looking into the trending searches among female users, noting an increase in searches related to financial independence and educational opportunities. This shift is particularly important for marketers looking to understand their demographic’s evolving search behaviour and interests.

Try On makeup virtually

The world of AR takes another step forward in the form of virtual makeup try-on. In attempt to increase eCommerce discovery options, Pinterest launched Try-On, enabling users to instantly try a selection of lipstick shades from brands like Sephora, Urban Decay, bareMinerals, YSL and Lancôme.

Pinterest's Try-On feature - social media update
Pinterest’s Try-On feature

This provides a huge opportunity for beauty brands and retailers alike looking to integrate the online and offline shopping experience (in order to engage consumers and increase sales) by offering customers a real life-like application of their products. Try-On for lipstick is currently rolling out in the U.S with hopes of expanding their AR categories in the near future.


Impact of campaign changes on ads performance

As advertisers, understanding the impact of campaign changes on ads performance is crucial for future improvements. And now, Google is making it even easier to do so by allowing users to access additional information about the changes made over a specific date range. The type of changes available include audience list, optimization goal and asset changes.  

Google example of a performance chart - social media update
Google example of a performance chart

Quick Recap:

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