It’s been a cold first month of 2019 and chances are you have been assessing your campaign performance, looking to see how you can shake things up and, maybe even start to plan for (warmer) spring initiatives. With new changes happening we have some platform updates to help your 2019 campaigns stay on track.


Did you know that of those who make New Year’s resolutions, only eight percent will actually fulfill their goals? If you were curious, Pinterest put together the most common 2019 resolutions that people came up with, (and likely abandoned) this year.

Have you downloaded Pinterest’s Tag Helper? This will help make sure your PIN campaigns are performing at their best. Nothing worse than not having the right tools for the job!

Speaking of tools, we are willing to bet that privacy is going to continue to be a hot button issue in 2019. Still, you need to understand who is engaging with your campaigns, right? Enter Pinterest’s Enhanced Match feature. Akin to Facebook’s Advanced Matching, the feature allows users to get more accurate conversion data back from their campaigns. So far, those who have implemented Enhanced Match have seen a nine percent average increase in conversion matches. All with keeping privacy top of mind!


As part of a larger push to improve product capabilities available to advertisers, LinkedIn has just announced Interest targeting. Similar to interest focused targeting available on other social platforms, LinkedIn now allows users to target their members based on topics that they have expressed interest in.

With more than 200 professional interest categories, topics include interests like artificial intelligence, global economy, customer experience, and more.

With the LinkedIn user base growing, (currently more than 562 million users) we expect this to make waves, particularly for the B2B audience in 2019!


Facebook has spent plenty of time in the news in recent weeks, some of it good, most of it…less than flattering. That said, advertisers, consumers and brands alike continue to flock to the platform in record numbers —and it’s no surprise Facebook will continue to push the envelope with a plethora of new products in 2019.

From the rise of eco-consciousness in products and services, productivity hacks, and decentralization of traditional models in things like exercise, shopping and even screen time, check out the 2019 Topics & Trends Report.

The company recently also shared a podcast on how you can shake up your business as usual and stay ahead by challenging you to embrace disruptive customer behaviors.

If you are looking to shake up your campaign, improve your results or have a questions regarding platform updates we’d love to chat!