Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook’s Product Ads are the Next Big Thing

1. Mobile

Now that Facebook’s mobile growth is becoming a red flag for Google investors its clear the company is owning it when it comes to mobile ads. And just like Facebook, the eCommerce vertical is moving heavily towards mobile advertising for reasons well documented. With all of that said, given Facebook’s un-paralleled mobile reach and the release of Dynamic product ads we predict a massive influx of new ad revenue from the eCommerce vertical.

2. Cross Device Reporting

Having mobile reach is just the start but properly measuring how customers are interacting with mobile ads and then tracking the purchases they make back on their desktops is the key to multi-device measurement for eCommerce advertisers.

3. Retargeting

Facebook now owns end-to-end mobile & cross device retargeting with their website custom audience product. Combine that with their ability to serve up a host of different products in a single ad impression and target customers based on the last product they saw dynamically. Sum it all up and it means a huge boon for the ecommerce vertical that’s looking to dynamically serve up the right ad to the right audience.

4. Optimized Bidding

The entire RTB industry should be taking a hard look at their bidding technology and algorithms compared to Facebook’s roll out of their “optimized CPM” bidding. This is especially true now that you can bid towards events like “purchases” tracked using their offsite pixel product. This basically means Facebook is generating treasure troves of “signal” data across millions of users and their event activity to better serve up their product ads when a user is most likely to purchase.

5. People Based Marketing

Facebook’s people based targeting (as opposed to cookie based) allows advertisers to seamlessly target users across multiple devices. (mobile, tablet, and desktop) When you combine this functionality with dynamically served creative what you now have is the adtech platform built for mobile-commerce.

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