The summer holidays have officially come to an end. As you sip your pumpkin spice latte, you’ll want to check out these new and upcoming platform features to help kick start your fall social campaigns. After all, the holidays are quickly approaching, and Facebook is expecting the Q4 auctions to be the most competitive they have ever seen.


Facebook Watch launched a little over a year ago, and as we discussed, it is a direct YouTube competitor, designed to help creators grow their audience.  In the last week of August, Facebook’s Fidji Simo, Head of Video said that Facebook Watch is now launching globally.

50 MM people in the US watch videos for at least a minute on the Facebook Watch, with total time spent increasing 14x in 2018.


Following the theme of video advertising, Pinterest introduced Promoted Video at max. width. This new video format is 4x bigger than our standard video, spanning both columns in people’s feeds.

New Pinterest video format

In this case, bigger does mean better: We’ve seen higher engagement rates for Promoted Video at max. width as people on Pinterest take notice of this high-impact video. In some of our early tests, advertisers also saw efficient costs per view, and lifts for their brand awareness metrics.

Read more and see how brands like, Warner Bros. are using Promoted Video at max width to publicize their new movie, Crazy Rich Asians.


Hot off its controversial app design, and a flurry of updates to its business manager, snap hires a new head of US ad sales in a bid to promote uptake with advertisers.

Kristen O’Hara was previously CMO of WarnerMedia and will continue to build the ad business akin to the Facebook/Google self serve model of advertising; with sales teams acting more like consultants than traders.


Following a number of similar moves by FBTwitter announced the next phase of ongoing efforts to provide increased transparency for advertising on the platform. The new policy requires advertisers looking to sponsor posts around legislative issues, or ads that refer to an election or candidate now need to get certified.

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