The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Every year, for the past 49 years, titans and legends of the National Football League have battled for the glory of hoisting the Vince Lombardi Championship trophy in the air. In recent years, however, it hasn’t only been the players owning the moment of the championship game, but also advertisers have stepped in – in a big way.

Just as famous and anticipated as the big game, are the premiere of new ads for the world’s largest companies. The biggest question is how can your brand stand out? The answer is, to own the moment – at the exact moment, and the best way to do that in 2015, is through Social Media.

Tweets Delivered



According to Twitter, the height of activity for Tweets during the 2014 Super Bowl occurred during the Half-Time Show, where users delivered over 220,000 tweets at that time alone. Other noteworthy times during the night for tweets delivered are:

  • Kickoff time: 100K+ Tweets
  • Half Time: 395K+ Tweets (175K before the show and 220K during)
  • End of Game: 125K Tweets

There are a number of ways to leverage heightened activity at key times throughout the broadcast. For instance, your brand can create and schedule tweets commenting on Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Halftime performance (Baby, You’re a Firework?) using our advanced targeting technology. Taking this tactic further, your brand can create tweets congratulating each of the potential winners of the game. Once the winner is determined, the team at AdParlor could launch Tweets congratulating the Super Bowl champions precisely at the moment of victory!

Longer Flights Per Tweet

Another great way to capitalize on increased engagements and impressions would be to utilize longer flights for Super Bowl tweets for your campaigns. According to Twitter:

  • Advertisers who promoted Super Bowl Tweets for 12+ days had 151% more impressions during that time-span.
  • These advertisers also saw 201% more engagements over that time.
  • Advertisers who promoted on twitter for 12 days around the Super Bowl had 44% lower CPEs.
  • The average engagement rates of Super Bowl tweets were actually 4x higher on the 2-3 weeks before Super Sunday (with playoffs happening, it makes sense to talk about the big game that everybody else is talking about as well).
    • These metrics make sense, as there is a lot of hype around events for the Super Bowl (playoffs, ceremonies & contests, etc.).

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