Tis the the season for multi-tasking shoppers who expect a seamless shopping experience. In fact, online consumer behavior tells us that 61% of US Digital Shoppers have abandoned a cart because the site had errors. So why is it that a single online shopping experience still consist of tedious steps before simply purchasing?

Picture this, a Holiday season where purchasing gifts didn’t include the dreaded loading pinwheel or page error message. A consumer wish waiting to be granted.

This holiday season, advertisers can achieve a frictionless shopping experience by maximizing these top Facebook features:

  • Providing support and personalization using Facebook Messenger Bot
  • Driving in-store shoppers using the Store Visit objective
  • Utilizing Dynamic Ads for a more personalized retargeting approach

Facebook Messenger Bot

Nike's Jordan brand example of using Facebook Messenger Bot. Image of 3 phones side by side.
Nike’s Jordan brand example of using Facebook Messenger Bot

Whether the approach is live, automated, or customized – implementing a Messenger Bot for the holiday season provides a personalized shopping experience for the consumer.

The bot establishes an open line of communication between the business and the consumer. Chatbots are designed to stay true to brand. Building loyalty to the standard of customer service all while allowing your team to spend their time on more high-value tasks. The conversation itself is contained, based on the “decision tree” responses you create.

The best part about using a bot is that you can identify customer data points. Allowing you to follow up with timely offers that customers actually want to receive.

In-Store Shopping Experience

Image of phone with ad unit: Example of creative using Store traffic Objective.
Example of creative using Store Traffic Objective

The opinions heavily surrounding shopping online vs in-store are prominent in the retail industry. However, retailers should continue to be mindful of their in-store shoppers. Utilizing the Store Traffic objective is a great way to drive traffic in-store.

Pairing this objective with the ‘Get Directions’ CTA driving to a store locator is a recipe for Holiday success.

Dynamic Ads

Image of 4 examples showing Facebook Dynamic ads
Example of Facebook Dynamic Ad

Utilizing dynamic ads allows retailers to showcase relevant products to people that have expressed interest in your business. This ad unit is a great way to retarget consumers that have visited the website, abandoned their cart, or viewed specific products.

Not only a seamless shopping experience for your customer, but it also allows you to personalize your ads, without the manual work!


With a seamless shopping experience top of mind this holiday season, which Facebook feature will you be using? Get more tips to help grant your customers wish, check out these 5 stocking stuffer tips. Looking for more guidance? Connect with one of our experts to get the most out of your holiday media spend.

And so I’m offering this simple phrase
To brands from one to ninety-two
Although it’s been said many times, many ways
Merry frictionless shopping experience to you.