YouTube Adapts for Performance-based Advertisers

AdParlor Blog Post: YouTube Adapts for Performance-based Advertisers

As digital marketers, we know that YouTube advertising is useful for our marketing strategy. By next year, videos will represent 80 percent of online marketing content. But is YouTube advertising valuable for performance advertisers? With TrueView for Action campaigns, it is more useful than ever.

Where does YouTube fall in the marketing mix?

With more than one billion hours of YouTube consumed daily, video advertising presents a huge opportunity for brands’ online presence. Through the last decade, advertisers have utilized this presence, and YouTube’s role in the marketing mix has revolved around brand awareness. Now, YouTube is releasing new ad products to move customers down the sales funnel.

The highly anticipated Display & Video 360 platform release offers a number of new features for improving YouTube campaign performance. For performance-based advertisers, TrueView for Action ads are geared towards driving leads and conversions vs. driving video views.

What is different about TrueView for Action ads?

CTAs and headlines. Before, YouTube ads featured a subtle, clickable link that viewers easily missed. Now with TrueView for Action ads, advertisers can add captivating CTAs and a headlines to drive user action (See image below).

Quick guidelines.

  • Headlines can contain up to 15 characters, and CTAs contain up to 10.
  • TrueView for Action ads are limited to in-stream ad placements.
  • TrueView for Action ads are limited to video campaigns.
New TrueView Call-to-Action (CTA)
Image Source:

How does this ad product improve YouTube advertising performance?

Beyond adding visual elements to drive conversions, YouTube has updated its optimization and bidding structure to TrueView for Action ads. Bids are based on target CPA (cost per acquisition) vs. maximum CPV (cost per view). In other words, the performance-based advertiser pays for conversions rather than views.

If your ultimate goal is to grow your business through direct response, take advantage of consumer intent on every channel. As YouTube adapts to offer full-funnel marketing solutions, adapt your digital marketing strategy. Use TrueView for Action ads to strengthen your performance-based approach.

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