Increase Revenue & Fuel Collaboration for a Retailer Leader


Increase Revenue & Fuel Collaboration for a Retailer Leader

An innovative sports apparel client was looking to efficiently increase their sales revenue across North America and hired AdParlor to help drive scale quickly. Having partnered with AdParlor to develop and expand a strong social presence using paid ads, AdParlor’s media buying team identified the opportunity for the brand to engage new audiences with customized creative. Furthermore, AdParlor also needed to align several of the client’s siloed teams and niche agency partners to set them up for success.


Engaging New Audiences with Customized Creative

AdParlor quickly stepped in and gained the support of the client and partners by maintaining open lines of communication while sharing performance data, best practices and leveraging audience data where relevant over the course of
the campaign.

Our strategy consisted of efficiently scaling online sales for the client with a focus on re targeting and prospecting audiences within Facebook and Instagram using highly customized, interest-based creative.

AdParlor continuously tested the right mix of re marketing, Lookalike Modeling and Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences (DABA) using Dynamic Ads on Facebook with smarter audience segmentation to reach new prospective customers who interacted with similar products on competitors’
 websites or ads.

Our team tested and optimized ad creatives featuring new arrivals and best sellers.
AdParlor’s performance technology was
 leveraged to generate ads that emphasized full-price products over discounted or outlet items, leading to higher basket values at checkout.

Platforms: Facebook, Instagram


Increased Sales, ROAS & Reduced CPP

Engaging new audiences with customized creatives increased the client’s revenue by 76% and purchases by 87%, outperforming the client’s previous partner agency. The success of the campaign also went beyond just increasing revenue efficiently with decreased costs as seen below.

76% Revenue Increased
87% Purchase Increased
51% Scaled Spend

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