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Take full control of your Facebook
and Twitter campaigns with the new
Social Advertising Platform
from AdParlor.

Cross platform analytics.

Analyze your brand’s message across both Facebook and Twitter in the same reporting interface with one click.

Stay on top of your results with detailed reporting.

Compare and contrast: get robust reports on a multitude of metrics, and group them via multi-dimensional pivoting.

  • Customizable ad tags – you decide what element to tag
  • Interests – find out how specific interest groups are responding
  • Individual creative – easily test how creative is performing
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Create targeting libraries and reuse elements on demand.

Save, reuse, and report. You have the ability to save and report on targeting elements across both Facebook and Twitter. Learn what is working best and easily re-use them in future campaigns.

Create libraries based on:
  • Geographic elements
  • Demographic elements
  • Psychographic elements
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Automate campaign management with our rules based decision engine.

Examine campaign and ad performance and have the system automatically respond and perform bulk actions on your behalf.

  • Pause poor performing ads
  • Get notified of budgeting
  • Change bids and dynamically shift budgets
  • Starter Rule Sets to Maximize Volume, ROI, or reduce CPAs
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Case Study:
Beyond the Rack

The goal of this campaign was to significantly increase the member base through a major spending increase on Facebook in one quarter. Beyond The Rack looked to AdParlor for a high level of both service and technology in order to get experienced help in efficiently scaling spending and acquisitions.

  • 124% Click-Through-Rate Increase
  • 13% Cost-Per-Acquisition Savings
  • 784% Registration Numbers
Did you know:

One quarter of Canadian women on Facebook are members on Beyond the Rack!

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Our Facebook expertise.
Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer


Bulk Uploading

In a single upload session, quickly break up your target audiences or creatives and assign them each to their own ad set. You will be able to test hundreds of concepts and efficiently scale out your campaign.

Real Time Marketing

Use real life triggers, such as weather to target audiences. Ex: It’s raining in Seattle, activate boots and rain coat ads.

Mobile LTV Optimization

Through our integration with the Mobile Measurement Partners, AdParlor can ingest post install data. Make informed data driven decisions to maximize ROI.

Report with Custom Tags

Free tag ads based on your personalized advertising objectives. For example, tag all ads that have specific creative elements for deeper analysis.

Advanced Targeting Options

Use native targeting (Ex. Workplace, education), Partner Categories (offline behavioral data, obtained from Datalogix, Acxiom, and Epsilon) as well as Custom and Lookalike Audiences.

Custom & Segmentation Reporting

Ability to run Custom and Segmentation reports – to compare performance across age ranges, genders, locations, and placements.

Our Twitter expertise.
Marketing Platform Partner


Tailor Your Audiences

Create and edit audiences derived from advertisers CRM as well as from Twitter Handles and mobile ID’s for inclusion or exclusion in your campaign.

Create & Schedule Multiple Tweets

For increased scalability, easily create and edit campaigns, as well as tweets for multivariant testing.

Fully Embedded Targeting

Target your Tweets and ads based on keywords in timeline, interests, TV, geography, device, gender or users who are similar to your followers.

Service & Support.

Though a Self-Service platform – that doesn’t mean we don’t still offer you the best in customer service as well. We offer full on-boarding planning and training, with webinars, extensive user guides and more.

And remember – you can use Self-Service when you want, and upgrade to Fully Managed when you need it. So whether you have a busy period that requires handing a campaign off to us, or have a new approach that you’d like our help and expertise with, you can switch back and forth as needed. That kind of flexibility is part of the best-in-class customer service that sets AdParlor apart.

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Bulk Actions on Management Pages

"The ability to make bulk actions across campaigns and ad sets means less time navigating through your campaigns when you want to make changes. If I want to edit bids across all my mobile ads, it's as easy as a few clicks!"

- James Asefa
, Ad Operations Specialist

"Having access to both custom & segmentation reporting allows traffickers the freedom to optimize delivery for reach (say by putting multiple countries or genders in one ad) but still report back to clients on all relevant dimensions."

− Paul Van Winssen, Team Lead, DR Ad Operations

"The new platform has greatly simplified the process to fulfill client reporting requests in a much more robust and comprehensive output then the Account Management team previously had access to."

− Jeff Smith, Strategic Account Manager

"AdParlor's Libraries tool makes creating bulk uploads significantly more efficient. Lists containing multiple countries, custom audiences, or interests are readily available to quickly iterate and apply learnings across campaigns."

− Aartee Gangaprasad, Ad Operations Specialist

"The ability to make bulk actions across campaigns and ad sets means less time navigating through your campaigns when you want to make changes. If I want to edit bids across all my mobile ads, it's as easy as a few clicks!"

− James Asefa, Ad Operations Specialist