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AdParlor is the one-stop-shop for the most valuable video and social platforms. We help brands and agencies spend less time managing campaign logistics, and more time evaluating real results.

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How do we make your life easier and just plain better?

  • One place for reporting: We feature a single dashboard to see all your reports and data across all social platforms.
  • No more walled gardens: Our team takes cross-channel insights from one platform and applies it to another.
  • Targeting beyond audience-level: We target based on actual behavior across stages in the purchase funnel.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Premium Video, Pinterest, and Snapchat

A Long-Time API Partner with Deep Expertise

AdParlor has been an API beta partner since the start of the ad ecosystem programs at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our partnerships give us comprehensive API access and first rights to all partner betas, enabling us to develop strategies to solve your business objectives.

Fully Managed Service

AdParlor integrates into the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Precision Targeting

Targeting based on psychographic (interests, lifestyles), technographic (social technology behavior), and demographic (location, age, gender).


Automatically split-test creative and targeting groups with one click of a button in the AdParlor Creation Tool.

Alpha and Beta Opportunities

Access to alpha and beta opportunities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

On the Go Reporting

Data across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat all in one place on your mobile device.

Reporting Interface

Front-end interface gives our clients access to user friendly reporting in near real-time.

Rules-Based Decision Engine

Use real-time or historical campaign data to automate your daily optimization activities like budget allocation and bidding to drive stronger, smarter and more efficient campaign performance.

Service and Support

We believe in supporting our clients whether they’re utilizing our self-serve or fully-managed services, and allow complete flexibility to switch between each option at any time.

Fully Managed

Our team of experts handles all aspects of your campaign from strategy, creation, media buying, reporting, and optimization.


AdParlor’s advanced ad trafficking platform, complemented with expert campaign support, data analysis, and creative services.

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