Case Studies


Whether you're launching a new mobile app or looking to increase hotel room sales, we’re here to help!


Drove large volumes of mobile app installs at a low cost

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Secret Escapes

2x increase in monthly clicks to their site after using
Facebook ads to drive awareness of their launch in Sweden and Germany

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MGM Resorts International

MGM used Facebook to acquire new customers, convert them into guests,
and keep them coming back, consistently achieving a more than 3x ROI

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Travel Advertiser

Massive improvements in DR-focused campaign leveraging
objective-based bidding and engaging website card creative

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Whether you’re launching a mobile app or trying to increase purchases of a blue and black dress, we’re here to help!

Beyond the Rack

784% increase in total registrations using Facebook Link Page Posts

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E-Commerce Advertiser

Leveraging a product catalogue to drive customer acquisition

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Whether you're trying to measure ad recall or
the effectiveness of your paid social marketing, we're here to help!

Molson Coors

Using weather to activate campaigns

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CPG Advertiser

CPG advertiser scales “real-time” Promoted
Tweet campaign to boost second screen engagement

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You’ve got a shiny new mobile app but no one to use it – that’s where we come in!

Technology Advertiser

Brazilian mobile app developer scales new user acquisition
campaign by employing bulk audience A/B testing

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Quick Service Retail

Whether you’re trying to drive foot traffic to your store or increase brand awareness about an upcoming sale, we’re here to help!

Coffee Restaurant

Utilized promoted tweets to lower
cost-per-follower by 23% and increase follow rate by over 30%

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Retail Advertiser

Making Strong Impressions with Twitter Video

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Retail Advertiser

Leveraging the Power of Twitter, Off-Platform

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Whether you’re launching a new game or trying to increase in-app purchases, we’re here to help!


The Impact of Mobile Video Campaigns in the News Feed

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Mobile Gaming Advertiser

Gaming advertiser realizes massive success by leveraging the AdParlor platform
to execute their Mobile App Promotion Campaigns

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Desktop Gaming Advertiser

Leveraging Superbowl event marketing creative to drive new user acquisition growth
and positive ROAS for a major Desktop Casino Game developer’s Facebook Campaigns.

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