How We Help Agencies Become Heroes

Running, analyzing, optimizing and reporting on campaigns—especially at scale—is difficult and incredibly time-consuming.

We help agencies get better results for their clients, across all channels, in less time by giving them tools for: campaign management, reporting, and optimization.

AdParlor for Agencies: Campaign Management
AdParlor for Agencies: Reporting
AdParlor for Agencies: Optimization
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Premium Video, Pinterest, and Snapchat
Campaign Management Across Multiple Channels

Easily Manage Thousands of Campaigns Across Multiple Channels

AdParlor cuts out hours of switching between tabs, double-checking bulk changes across platforms, and other logistical nightmares. The AdParlor platform is built to manage multiple clients — with thousands of ads and assets — using a single login.

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Get Fast, Accurate,
Cross-Channel Reporting in One Dashboard

Stop combining data from disparate spreadsheets exported from each individual platform.

See Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube performance side-by-side, in near real-time.

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OneVu Dashboard: Cross-Channel Reporting
AdParlor Intelligence Tags™

Uncover and Apply Actionable Insights That Dramatically Improve Performance

Know what works and more importantly, why it works, enabling you to deliver more of what resonates, and less of what doesn’t.

AdParlor’s Intelligence Tags feature automatically tags individual creative elements, such as colors and emotions automatically, making it possible to identify why certain elements perform better.

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AdParlor Solutions


Our in-house team of experts handle all aspects of your campaigns from strategy to creation, management, reporting, and optimization. Regular account and performance reviews allow you to be hands-on, without getting your hands dirty.


We will meet you in the middle and will allow you to create your own service-level mix according to your unique needs. AdParlor will build a customized transition plan to ensure you – and your brand – meet your business goals.


Empowers advertisers to own their campaign management. Our self-serve solution lets advertisers leverage AdParlor’s management platform, complemented with expert campaign support, data analysis and creative services.