Better Results. Smarter Insights. Greater Scale.

When advertisers want their creative to have the greatest impact in social marketing they enlist AdParlor.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Premium Video, Pinterest, and Snapchat
Data-Driven, Always: Trigger Ads automatically in real-time based on the weather, sports, and news alerts

Data-Driven, Always

AdParlor uses data to do things others can’t even imagine.

From automatically triggering ads in real-time based on the weather, sports, and news alerts to identifying in-market consumers and attributing offline purchases to online advertising, we simply do more with data.

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Focused on the Audiences That Matter

At AdParlor, we discover then engage the audiences that matter with hyper-personalized creative to ensure your message resonates and that your ad spend isn’t going to waste.

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AdParlor for Brands: Engage the audiences that matter
OneVu Dashboard: Cross-Channel Reporting

Measured to Know What Works and Why, Across Every Channel

AdParlor breaks down walled gardens and takes reporting and measurement to the next level, enabling brands to:

  • Access a single dashboard to directly compare campaign performance across channels
  • Create and report on their own KPIs
  • Understand which elements of their creative work and why

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