Your favorite blue bird has been busy this year, and with only days left in 2015, you’d think he’d be slowing down—flying home to be with his little fowl family for Christmas—but no, not Twitter. From today until Christmas day, at least 4,147,200,000 tweets will be sent into the Twitterverse. That’s one busy bird.

Maybe you’re feeling a little shocked, like you thought you really knew Twitter. How did you go all year without knowing that 6,000 tweets are sent out every single second of every day? In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve set a slew of these little-known Twitter facts to one of the season’s most beloved tunes.

Get ready for the soon-to-be-a-hit, “12 Stats of Twitter”. We promise, you won’t even miss those French hens.

AdParlor Infographic: Blue Bird A-Tweeting: The Twitter Infographic

So, “12 Stats of Twitter” may not be an overnight holiday hit (yet), but these little-known fast facts will bring your ad campaign good tidings into the new year, within 140 characters, of course.