With 96% of Pinterest users pinning things that they actually want to buy, Pinterest is the Internet’s most visually appealing shopping list (read: wishlist).

This is just one of many reasons that AdParlor is so excited to announce that Pinterest is the latest addition to our list of channel partners.

Now, advertisers can manage their Pinterest buys with AdParlor alongside their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo Gemini, Tumblr and YouTube campaigns — now that’s a mouthful.

Here’s why we’re excited

Pinterest has quickly grown to become a comprehensive catalog of creativity and community with over 100 million active users every month (with 2M Pins a day) and vies with Google to be the second largest source of traffic to websites (behind Facebook).

Get this: 70% of social users turn to Pinterest specifically for inspiration on what to buy. What’s more, 84% of users are the purchase decision makers in the household.

Speaking of decision makers, Pinterest has a highly valuable audience. In fact, 44% of women online use Pinterest, and the majority of Pinterest users are under 50—a prime age group for online commerce.

Combine this with the extended shelf-life of Pins, and advertisers have an exciting avenue to get in front of people already in the mindset to buy – and at the earliest touch- point.

These numbers speak for themselves.

Great. But do Pinners actually buy?

Yes! It’s no surprise that, according to a study by Shopify, 96% of Pinners report researching and planning their purchases on Pinterest, and a whopping 87% of Pinners have made a purchase because of Pinterest.

The impact of Pinterest doesn’t start and end with e-commerce: 72% of Pinners report having seen something on Pinterest, and subsequently making a purchase in-store, while 64% also look at their saved Pins while shopping at a brick-and-mortar store.

Clearly, Pinterest’s ability to influence purchasing decisions is unparalleled.

Pinterest Shopify Infographic
A study by Shopify highlights the product-oriented behaviour of Pinners.

To top it off, the average purchase order from a Pinterest referral is $50 USD, higher than any other social platform. This is a gift that just keeps on giving — since 2014, Pinterest has been the fastest growing network, and is expected to continue to increase to over 600M users in the U.S alone by 2019.

The ROI potential for Pinterest is huge, to say the least.

The early bird catches the worm (or something like that)

Pinners are planners. Typically, Pinterest users start looking for ideas and inspiration up to six months in advance — 73% report using Pinterest to plan purchases for future events (a majority of which are personal events, like buying a house, or getting married).

To put this lead-time in context, “pure” social media-referred purchases tend to be more impulsive and spur-of-the-moment, while search owns the compare-and-contrast research phase of the buyer’s journey. What does this mean for advertisers? Start planning now: get in early and spark that interest on day one.

Pinterest chart: Search Lead Time Prior to an Event
Pinners start the buying process months in advance.

AdParlor + Pinterest = A Potent Combination

Now, advertisers can manage their Pinterest ads with AdParlor.

Our platform provides all your Pinterest advertising needs: from campaign launch, to reporting and management, to automated optimization. It’s all under one roof (or on one tab, as it were) so you can manage your Pinterest campaigns alongside your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo Gemini, Tumblr and YouTube campaigns.

As always, efficiency is key — so we built a suite of features to help you hit (and exceed) your KPIs on Pinterest.

Our platform supports success at every step of the campaign lifecycle with two things top-of-mind at all times: workflow efficiency, and continuous optimization.

AdParlor OneVu Dashboard featuring Pinterest
Pinterest fits in right alongside its new family members (awww)

Bulk Upload Tool

  • What: Bulk create targeting, Pins, and Pin Promotions.
  • Why: Uploads are easy, efficient, and oh-so-quick — effortlessly set up A/B tests.

Asset Library

  • What: Save, share, and reuse targeting, personas, and creative assets.
  • Why: Customizable reference library so you can eliminate repetition, organize your assets, and share best practices.

Advertiser-Level Spend Caps

  • What: Set cross-campaign budgets.
  • Why: Peace of mind against overspending — especially on those beautiful, sunny weekends at the beach.

OneVuTM Dashboard

  • What: Provides visual, cross-platform reporting for at-a-glance analyses.
  • Why: So you can effortlessly understand what’s working, what’s not, across all your social channels.

Advanced Reporting

  • What: Pivot-table reporting for efficient A/B test analysis, with bulk inline editing: save, share, and schedule emailed reports.
  • Why: Smarter campaign management: pick out key trends and instantly optimize towards your top performers.

Rules Engine

  • What: Automate optimization using real-time performance and signal data (weather, sports scores); optionally daypart creative assets for maximum productivity.
  • Why: Around-the-clock, “always-on” campaign management to take your optimization strategy to the next level, without having to lift a finger. (Extra for experts: use signal data to trigger customized messaging, e.g., if your customer’s favorite team wins AND the weather is above 77°F, promote Pin x that showcases outdoor celebration ideas.)

And (of course), it doesn’t stop there… ask an AdParlor rep for a full tour.

On the road ahead

So what’s next? Pinterest has already established itself as the dominant product-focused social platform for consumers. As Pinterest scales its advertising program, you should expect to see a lot of growth and adjustments being made as they carve their own niche.

Advertisers can look forward to expanded targeting capabilities, the rise of Rich Pins, three-tiered campaign hierarchies, and more — stay tuned!

We’re ready to leverage the conversion power of Pinterest — are you?