Mobile – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Twitter Advertising

As far back as digital veterans can remember, “This is the year for mobile” has been the favorite and sometimes overused prediction, Thankfully, technology seems to improve by the hour, making our mobile devices more and more invaluable. We’ve upgraded from the giant DynaTAC famously used by the Gordon Gekko character in the 1980’s and continue to advance in both model and monetization.

Status and Statistics of Mobile Users

These days, 76% of Twitter users contributing to 500 million tweets a day log-in via mobile devices. Additionally, as Facebook stated in its third quarter financial report, the social giant’s daily active mobile users averaged 507 million in September alone. So what’s driving this—product innovation or our need to shout it from the mountain top?

Newest Twitter Marketing Lever

As Twitter recently announced, promoted accounts are the newest addition to the social platform’s suite of products available to marketers today. Previously, this unit was only displayed in the left-hand column on a user’s desktop, however advertisers can now utilize promoted accounts that include a “follow” button and appear in the main timeline on mobile devices. That means you can now add yourself to your favorite brand’s targeting pool at anytime from any place – providing you have a signal, of course.

Checking the Numbers

So far, we’ve seen an increase in performance overall and early data suggest brands are experiencing positive and encouraging results.

Early Twitter Data

So as the numbers suggest, it’s likely you are reading this from your chosen mobile device. Just remember to keep the battery charged.

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