How does this sound: access to more than a billion consumers, targetable by location, age, gender, purchase history, interests, device, or even a custom audience. Plus, there’s an abundance of brand-safe, premium publishers, and a variety of ad unit solutions to meet your objectives?

Yeah, that’s pretty much how we reacted, too. Where do we sign up?

That’s precisely why we’re so excited to announce our integration into the Yahoo Gemini API as a Yahoo Preferred Partner. Yahoo Gemini enables advertisers to target, reach and engage audiences, driving measurable results across search and native advertising. This partnership will allow us to provide new, ROI-driven ad opportunities to augment what we already offer advertisers via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Yahoo Gemini’s Premium Mobile Inventory

This Yahoo Gemini partnership also makes Yahoo’s 600 million mobile users available to advertisers. The premium inventory now at our clients’ fingertips includes Yahoo web and apps, as well as other premium app publishers, including Cheetah Mobile, Tango and WeatherBug, among others. While digital advertising placement can sometimes be a bit of a Wild West adventure, offering peace-of-mind via trusted publishers goes a long way for brands and agencies concerned about misplaced ads.

That premium content also presents an attractively priced opportunity for video advertising. Video is AdParlor’s expertise, and Gemini gives us even more reach and scale in a brand-safe way.

For brands that want to take advantage of Yahoo’s Flurry ad network, there’s also the option of running ads on the Facebook Audience Network and Twitter Audience Platform to amplify the message and reach users wherever they roam.

It’s truly a one-stop-shop mobile ad network.

Buy on Your Terms

There’s built-in pricing flexibility in the ad products we’re offering through Yahoo Gemini. Advertisers interested in running native video campaigns, for example, will have the option of buying on a CPM or CPV basis. For those who want to buy app install ads, it’s CPC or CPV.

How AdParlor Adds Value

In addition to AdParlor’s bulk ad management, campaign optimization, the slick and easy to use OneVuTM integrated dashboard, and a rules-based engine that ensures better ad insertion, there’s this advantage: our clients will be able to use the insights gained from Yahoo Gemini campaigns to more efficiently target audiences on other platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Additionally, our fully managed service includes a team that’s not only monitoring your campaign, but also continually testing and optimizing to make certain you’re getting the most from your spend.

Want more? AdParlor specializes in creating and deploying custom audience campaigns, and our partnership with Yahoo provides advertisers an even wider extension of that capability through the Gemini network.

It’s all part of our effort to prove one thing: your ROI is as important to us as it is to you.