Heat up your summer with the latest releases from our social marketing partners.


Our friends at Pinterest have released a new and exciting tool for Brands, Agencies and Marketers alike! Enter https://analytics.pinterest.com/audience-insights, Pinterest’s latest move designed to help advertisers design and execute better campaigns on the platform.

At AdParlor, we love Pinterest because it acts as a bridge between your highly visual, engaging content on social and your highly action-oriented search campaigns. 90% of Pinners say the platform helps them decide what to purchase according to Gfk research and 66% have made a purchase after seeing content from brands.

Search is changing, people want more than links to click on, we love to engage with visual content. You are advertising on Pinterest, right?


Linkedin has just released a new reporting suite!
The redesigned reporting experience for LinkedIn Campaign Manager makes it easier to understand how your campaigns are performing and quickly optimize for better results.

If you missed it, Linkedin is also continuing to double down on B2B Video. Specifically, the platform has just released video for sponsored content and videos on company pages!


In case you missed it, Facebook released earnings last week and the market didn’t exactly love the numbers they had to share. See for yourself https://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/fb

But you didn’t come here for investment advice, so let’s talk about the quiet release of advanced pixel matching – This update dramatically reduces the barrier to entry for advertisers looking to take advantage of advanced pixel matching; the result?
More matched customers, better campaign performance.

Also, Whats up with WhatsApp? WhatsApp is getting down to business with its new API and introducing a Click-to-WhatApp buttons for Facebook ads. The new application-programming interface allows businesses to manage conversations with users and gives users an easy way to start conversations with businesses.


Little late on your BTS planning? Snap has you covered.
US Snapchatters spent an extra 130M+ hours on Snachat during Back to School season in 2017.

Snapchat launches its first speech recognition lenses!
And while this isn’t available for advertisers (yet) the unique lenses have always been one of Snapchat’s biggest differentiators and have continually pushed the bar in taking advantage of camera technology and augmented reality in new ways.


With the latest release of the highly anticipated Display & Video 360 platform a number of new features are now available.  For example, TrueView for Action, specifically geared towards direct-response advertisers looking to drive leads and conversions vs. just video views.

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