Tech Enabled

Best-in-class tools, integrated for maximum results.

AdParlor’s smart media buying approach uses technology that is designed specifically to help our clients meet and exceed their business goals.  Being tech agnostic, we integrate both proprietary and best-in-class technology into a unified toolkit that drives unmatched insights and results for our clients.

Our technology spans the entire campaign process, from creative ideation to campaign setup and reporting. We can quickly identify challenges and leverage areas of opportunity for our clients.

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The AdParlor Difference

  • Strategic media buying with tech that ensures efficient spend
  • Data-driven insights and optimizations
  • Creative personalization at scale

AdParlor's Tech
In Action

Step 1

Creative Optimization

AdParlor delivers customized creative at scale for video, static and dynamic product ads. With our robust technology, like our Creative Blueprints platform, we offer clients improved personalization (including localization, offers, etc.) that reduces creative fatigue and performance lags. 

This approach will drive maximum engagement, increase return on ad spend (ROAS) and allow for continuous testing and learning.

Step 2

Campaign Setup and Launch

AdParlor’s technology allows for high-volume campaign setup across several accounts and media platforms. We help our clients acquire robust 1st party data audiences and build valuable relationships with consumers. Complementing this, we leverage 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data for successful campaign outcomes.

Step 3

Day-to-Day Campaign Management

AdParlor offers a hands-on approach to campaign management. We use a unique mix of automated technology that governs bids, budget and pacing and triggered ad creation based on signals like weather, sports and other data.

 Our rule-based notification system uses real-time signal data to safeguard client’s campaigns so that we can continue to deliver a high-performance outcome.

Step 4

Campaign Reporting and Insights

AdParlor’s reporting system is able to analyze large amounts of data across multiple campaigns and platforms. The insights gleaned from the data are broken down into digestible reports based on each client’s needs. 

In addition, these actionable insights will inform our next steps towards ensuring that our clients meet their business objectives.

We know what we're talking about.

With over 10 years of active campaign management across large and small brands, we’ve acquired a wealth of data and experience that informs our strategy and positively affects our client’s campaign performance.