Reflecting on 2017

The end of 2017 is rapidly approaching! While you may be busy with holiday parties, trips to the mall for shopping, trips online for shopping and debating about your Bitcoin investment that never was, we wanted to take the time for reflect. So, kick back, and check out our favorite highlights from blogs and content that garnered the most attention in 2017:

AdParlor Blog Post: 4 Travel-Inspired Campaign Ideas

Travel Time

With 65% of leisure and 69% of business travelers turning to the web early in their travel-planning and 52% of Facebook users admitting that their friends’ photos inspired their own travel plans, is makes perfect sense why our “4 Creative Travel and Tourism Marketing Campaign Ideas” became one our top posts of the year. Travel is an aesthetically driven vertical and social media is an aesthetically driven platform – which makes for a match made in Heaven (or Hawaii or Fiji or the Maldives). With our vast experience in the travel space, advertisers continue to be impressed with our results, which is why we have become the go-to place for creative, effective travel campaigns on all social channels.

AdParlor Blog Post: We Ran $557k in E-Commerce Facebook Ads. Here’s What We Learned.

Facebook and eCommerce

Advertising is no longer limited to brand awareness via simple reach and frequency campaigns. To prove this, AdParlor ran over $550,000 in Facebook ads for two eCommerce sites, in multiple countries over 42 days. With the use of our Intel Tag technology and (genius) campaign managers, we were able to reveal some rather interesting findings to our clients. You can see the results for yourself, here.

The Instagram Stories Campaign Facebook Showcased at Cannes Lions

Showcased at Cannes Lions

The challenge was clear: take a company that recently went through a massive rebranding campaign and help them get in front of an entirely new demographic. The results, however, surpassed even our (very lofty) expectations. And for our efforts, Facebook recognized us at both F8 and Cannes Lions. Here’s a sample:

  • 65% lower cost-per-sale when creative includes a call-to-action
  • 63% lower cost-per-sale for blue color schemes over white
  • 47% lower cost-per-sale for images containing text compared to not containing any text
  • 55% lower cost-per-sale in the fashion category compared to other categories

The entire case study is available, here.

Creative with design treatment works better than studio photography

Intel Tags, for the win

Which color resonates with your target audience? What about the background? Should the model be sitting or standing? On the left-hand side, or the right? Longer copy, or shorter? With AdParlor’s Intelligence Tags, there’s no reason to guess. A major retailer ran a $1M Facebook/Instagram campaign with us – and the results speak for themselves.

AdParlor Blog Post: The AdParlor Creative Audit

Setting Up for Success in 2018

As 2017 winds down and 2018 prepares to get ramped up, what would you have done differently with your social campaigns? Where could improvements have been made? Which creative performed best with your preferred segment? Many advertisers we speak with have discovered that they really don’t know the answers to many of these (and related) questions. But it doesn’t have to be that way. One of our most popular posts of 2017 was one of our newest – The AdParlor Creative Audit. Let’s work together to ensure that your 2018 social campaigns are set up to succeed.


We are grateful to be at the forefront of an exciting industry at a very exciting time. Thank you to each of you who have stopped by and offered your feedback. We are happy to be your media and creative partner of the future! Plus – we do have a few audit spots left for creative audits before year’s end. If you feel that an audit could prepare you and your team for a more profitable 2018, please let us know. We’d be happy to get you on calendar.